Nanci Griffith has died

Reveries Under the Sign of Austen, Two

Nanci Griffith: 2012/many years ago (probably 1990s) (1953-2021)

I grew up listening to Nanci Griffith in my mother’s car. I still remember seeing her live. I’ve loved her music to this day. #RIP — Izzy on Twitter

I have to remember the next time I do a video and then watch once (I never watch more than once) and find myself wincing at the sounds of my voice and accent: “Your own voice is the voice that carries you through life best” — Nanci Griffith — yes that’s me …

Friends and readers,

Yesterday when I read on Twitter (to which news comes the fastest) that Nanci Griffith had died that day, I felt — somewhat to my surprise — so grief-stricken. I began to cry. I thought of all the hours I had spent over the years listening to her singing first on audiocasettes and then CDs in my…

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Ten Years Of The Blues Continued – 22/3/21

I realised when I published these blogs that I would occasionally have to write an update taking account of a development that would strengthen (or rebut) my argument. What I did not expect was that there would be such a development the very next day! But on 22/3/21 the following story breaks... Picking a …

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Ten Years of the Blues – Notes and Afterthought

Notes The case of Liverpool is fascinating and instructive. As mentioned they finished bottom of the WSL in 2011 and 2012 but a large investment by the Men’s Club led to them becoming Champions in 2013, a position they maintained in 2014. Thereafter there was a steady reduction in investment, and consequently results,  which culminated …

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