Or the ego page. I am 63 and live in Birmingham UK

The most important facts about me as far as this blog is concerned (some of which have changed since I started it in 2009) are…

  1. I am an anarcho-socialist.
  2. I am an atheist.
  3. I am a depressive. I have suffered from depression since the mid-80’s and been unable to work since 1996; from that year until around 2003 were the worst years.
  4. I am a Women’s Football Fan – specifically Birmingham City Women.
  5. I love Americana/Country music.
  6. I am a lazy, skittering person but I do try to educate myself: my attempts at this always demonstrate to me the depths of my own ignorance and the utterly pathetic state of the education I have received – not merely the given state of education in a capitalist system but the especial insularity and dullness of the British educational system in particular.
  7. I like the poets Byron and Crabbe.

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